Just like other professions, photography is art and science by itself, and that requires a lot of professionalism to handle it right. Photography is going to be a memory that the world would carry forever and that is why they have to be at their best. Photographers adopt different methodologies scientifically, technically and personally to make every photograph a great memory and a unique experience. So here are some of the best photographers that the world will never forget.

Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams has gone synonymous with the word photography, and even someone who has gotten the least knowledge about photography and photographers will be able to figure out who Ansel Adams is. He is also someone who has given us a lot of photography tips and thoughts that if followed gives us great insights into photography.


Robert Capa:

War photographies have always caught our attention as it needs separate grit and courage to capture such moments with realism and that is why the world will always remember Robert Capa. He is one of the most famous and stunning war-time photographers. Little did many of us know that Robert Capa is the pseudonym in which Endre Friedman clicked his pictures. He is one of the stunning photographers of all time and the photographer who can closely relate to his subject.

Richard Avedon

Though Richard is not anymore with us, he is definitely one of the earliest people to define photography the right way. The best part is that there is something called the Richard Avedon Foundation and the primary work of the foundation is to research different photos and explore the errors and the factual things that are hidden in them and the ones that are not visible to naked eyes.

Yousuf Karsh:

Yousuf took photography to yet another level. He believed that photography is something that speaks for itself and that is the reason as to why he focussed more on the background and gave equal importance for the environment as much as he gave for his subjects. This is because a photo with a perfect background will speak for itself about the subject and photographs must speak.

Henri Bresson:

Henri Bresson is one of the common names when it comes to photography. He was the first person to bring in a lot of new concept into the world of photography, and that is why his works are recognised even today. Irrespective of who is going to make the list of best photographers they are definitely to have this name on the list. But it is saddening that this legend gave up photography 30 years before his death for reasons best known to him. If this hadn’t happened, we would have had the opportunity of seeing a better collection of his works.